Thank You Friends

While this blog is dedicated to my personal Leonard Cohen Journey I need to thank some special friends for supporting me along the way. First and foremost I want to thank my travelling companion Mandy. Having such a wonderful friend to share these experiences with makes it all the more memorable, not to mention funny! Thanks for the tears and laughter Mandy. I’m so looking forward to making lots of new memories starting in Dublin next week 🙂

Thanks to Camp Cohen webmaster Joey for taking this photo!

When I decided to publish this blog I received amazing kind comments from friends near and far but none more special than the following two. Firstly the wonderful Arlene for this post on her blog when I first published my blog:

Thanks so much Arlene!

Also deserving of a special mention is DrHGuy who also posted on his website about my blog:

DrHGuy has always been a huge supporter of my Rose photo and after getting it signed by Leonard, he was one of the first people I told. Today in his unique writing style he published this article about me meeting Leonard and Co on one of his websites:

I love it thanks!

There are so many other people who are deserving of my thanks but I’d be here forever if I was to try to list everyone and then there would probably be the dreaded accidental omission of someone so I dare not. Those of you reading this know who you are and you know I will be forever grateful.

Of course a special thank you is extended to Leonard, his wonderful band and crew and of course Adam for all being the most genuine people I have ever met and are definitely regarded as friends.