Special Mementos From Dublin 2013

I know I have been more than blessed when it comes to meeting Leonard but luck was on my side in Dublin again and I’ve now got a few more precious items signed. I’d have been happy with him just putting his name but ever the gentleman he personalised everything.

Dublin Momentos (1)

I was blessed to meet Sylvie in New York and for her to sign this book there so I made sure to have it with me in case I met Leonard. As we were talking Leonard was telling me it is a lot of money I spend on him and his concerts and that I really shouldn’t. I told him he is worth it and only for him would I spend that kind of money. He then added a very special unique few words to this dedication.

Dublin Momentos (2)

Close up of Leonard’s signature ๐Ÿ™‚

Dublin Momentos (3)

Close up of Sylvie’s signature.

Dublin Momentos (4)

When I first saw this magazine and loving the photo of Sharon and Leonard I had a dream of getting it signed by both. Leonard signed it first and said I had to get Sharon to sign it too. The following day it was mission accomplished!

Dublin Momentos (5)

Close up of Leonard’s signature

Dublin Momentos (6)

Close up of Sharon’s signature

Dublin Momentos (7)

After the 2nd Dublin concert I was speaking with Hattie Webb and she said she had something for me. I was so touched when she produced this set list for me saying she thought I might like one and then proceeded to write on it for me and also asked Charley to sign it. I was and am so honoured with this gift as never in a million years would I ask any of the band for any favours so for this to happen really touched my heart.

Dublin Momentos (8)

Close up of Hattie’s wonderful dedication and Charley’s signature too.

Dublin Momentos (9)

Signed photo that I took of Leonard in Brussels.

Dublin Momentos (10)

A signed photo of the best moment of my life. Leonard really liked this photo too.

Dublin Momentos (11)

My initial plan when I got this bag was to use it for my course as I need a big bag for it but now it is signed it will only be used for special occasions. I was only showing this to Leonard and not asking for it to be signed as I didn’t think it would work on that type of material. Leonard after again telling me I spend too much money said it would work and he’d sign it. The ink bleed a bit and Leonard said to me I was right. I told him it was ok, there is a crack in everything. He loved the song reference and I love my unique bag!

Dublin Momentos (12)

A close up of the signed bag

Dublin Momentos (13)

Knowing how kind Leonard had already been with his time we asked for only one photo, one of the 3 of us together as we had no photos of the 3 of us but Leonard being Leonard said we could get photos together and separately. Yes we really are blessed!

Dublin Momentos (14)

Mandy, Leonard and Gwen………………………… Happiness is ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you Leonard, Sylvie, Sharon, Hattie and Charley for the memories.

4 thoughts on “Special Mementos From Dublin 2013

  1. Sue Bailey says:

    Fabulous, Gwen – love your blog. Have looked at others but yours is the one I like best and most identify? with – not sure why – pure enthusiasm (like me) and unpretentious perhaps …

  2. Just “walking” through these pictures and am so moved that you got to experience so much of LC.

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