RIP Arlene Dick

It was with a heavy heart I read of the passing of Arlene Dick earlier today. Arlene was a friend, a fellow admirer of Leonard Cohen and a fellow blogger with a dedicated Cohen blog which I have no hesitation in admitting is far superior to this one.
When I first started this blog Arlene was one of the first to congratulate me and wish me luck and when I needed advice she was very helpful. However Arlene’s support and help went beyond this site. We never met in person but shared many messages between Facebook and The Leonard Cohen Forum discussing among other things photography and videos and it was Arlene who thought me ways of avoiding the camera police for videos on YouTube.

I was reading back over the Facebook messages earlier and this one made me smile. We were discussing how hard it can be to take photos at concerts at times and being searched on the way in. Arlene’s description of how she solved this issue once brings a smile to my face on this sad day. In her own words: “We were alerted in Las Vegas 2009, no cameras, they’d check purses and they did. But I did some smuggling. I put my camera in my knee high hose, elastic top, extra batteries and memory card in the other. and wore a pair of black socks over them.  As soon as I walked in, I turned right to ladies room and removed them into my purse.  I got terrifc vids that night, including Roscoes new haircut, “the kid” is back intro”

Arlene was a lady who always was optimistic and no matter what life threw at her she had a great attitude and I’ve always felt inspired by her. Her dedication and determination could only be admired and she was a well respected friend in the Leonard Cohen community and will be sadly missed by all who came in contact with her.

My sincerest condolences are extended to her son Leonard (not named after LC but a coincidence), and the rest of her family and friends. I hope they can take some comfort knowing the impact she had on so many of us.

Read here Arlene’s wonderful blog:

Rest In Peace Arlene, we will never forget you.


5 thoughts on “RIP Arlene Dick

  1. Bev Kussrow says:

    Thank you Gwen,
    that made me laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all again …. so long Arlene……

  2. janvail says:

    Wonderful tribute, Gwen. Thank you.

  3. Ine Mensink says:

    Moving words Gwen, I can feel your love and respect!

  4. So sorry to hear that you lost a friend, Gwen. I’m sure she would have smiled if she read this tribute.

  5. Robin Orfe says:

    That was very loving, and very lovely Gwen!!!

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