Our Lady of the Harbour and Suzanne


While in Montreal we visited many of the places we knew to be special to Leonard Cohen and one of those places had to be Bonsecours to see “Our Lady of the Harbour” immortalised in the song Suzanne. The lyrics I use here are the exact ones sang by Leonard in Montreal.

3 thoughts on “Our Lady of the Harbour and Suzanne

  1. judy reed says:

    Dear Gwen, Your pictures of the concerts are absolutely beautiful. You captured the experience completely and I felt the thrill again of being there. You have so much talent I hope you have outlets for the amazing writing and photography you create. Even thought we missed our chance to meet, I feel like I know you and consider you my friend. I am hoping to get back to Ireland in a couple of years….I have to spend more time in Dingle, It was a magical place for me. I have stayed in touch with the woman who owns the B&B where I stayed so I have added another Irish friend. Thank you for sharing all this wonderful imagery. Hugs, Judy Reed

  2. Maggie Ayre says:

    Gwen, I was interested to read that Hallelujah changed your life. I’d like to talk to you about that for a radio music programme. Would you email me please?

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