Cohenising Toronto

I didn’t see an Apple Store to Cohenise in Toronto though I’m sure there was at least one there somewhere. However on leaving a shopping centre and taking a wrong turn we came across some artwork drawn on the pavement on what looked like a special slab to do so. On seeing the person had left chalk on the ground I couldn’t resist drawing a Unified Heart and Mandy done the same. This was with the white chalk when we saw a bigger and piece of yellow chalk and as the evidence shows I took full advantage and drew a bigger heart and we added a few words just to make sure people would know who we were referring to.

Path Art

As we continued down the street and soon realised, hang on this isn’t the street we should be on so we back tracked and were soon on the correct way back to our hotel. There is a lot of construction work in Toronto and as we continued out walk we saw a sign saying “DANGER DUE TO” and in the blank space below someone had written “ZOMBIES”. This made us laugh. A couple of minutes later we spotted another of these signs with nothing in the space so I couldn’t resist and with Mandy’s help came up with the idea below. Luckily I didn’t get arrested for doing this and hopefully if someone from the Toronto City Council sees it I won’t be banned from entering Canada in the future 😉

Street Sign

One thought on “Cohenising Toronto

  1. marylouiseh says:

    Really enjoyed reading this Gwen!! 🙂

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