Cohenising the Apple Store in Montreal

In 2011 when in an Apple store in Belfast with a huge TV with internet, I decided to educate the masses with who actually wrote Hallelujah by going on YouTube and playing the Live In London version and then leaving the store with it still playing, volume turned up. When I posted on The Leonard Cohen Forum on what I had done I discovered I wasn’t alone in Cohenising Apple Stores with it being a mission of other members to do so every time they are in Apple Stores. So when I spotted an Apple Store on St. Catherine’s Street in Montreal I said to Mandy we had to Cohenise it and even though it was always a risk crossing streets in Montreal due to a lack of pedestrian lights it was a risk I had to take. On entering the Store we set to work on as many devices as possible and gathering the evidence with our phones (using my camera would have alerted staff before our mission was complete). Hence the following photos are not the best quality and are only a sample as we Cohenised many more items than are shown here. We changed all the backgrounds to images of Leonard and then on the bigger devices played videos including some I made myself and feature on this site đŸ˜‰Â One would think that there isn’t a requirement to do this in Leonard’s hometown but I was shocked by the number of blank faces when people asked why we were in Montreal, when I told them it was for Leonard Cohen’s concerts so they most certainly did need educating!

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5

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