Honouring Leonard at Lissadell, Plaque Presentation at a Canadian Maple: 21/09/10

When the announcement was made that Leonard was to perform it was suggested via the Leonard Cohen Forum that a Canadian Maple be planted in his honour in Sligo town. However this was later decided to be located in the grounds of Lissadell House. Some of us then decided we would lay a plaque at the tree in Lissadell in honour of the concerts.ย Mick Purcell deserves all the credit for the work involved in this project and I was honored to have my idea of the Unified Heart included. It was decided that we would put the plaque at the tree at midday on Leonard’s 76th birthday. It was my honour to accompany Mick Purcell to Sligo to do this. We went down the previous day to stay over night and stayed in The Pier Head Mullaghmore which was the hotel Leonard and the band had stayed in when they had the concerts in Lissadell. On the morning of 21st of September as the sun was rising I took an early morning walk as I love this time of day and also because I know that Leonard also likes early more walks and it was my homage to him to do the same on his birthday. It was on this walk I took the photo of the birds on the wires ๐Ÿ™‚ It was very special for me when we left the plaque at the tree. Some our Forum friends donated money towards the cause so it was a present from many of us and I hope someday Leonard gets to visit the spot and see it for himself.



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ยฉ Gwen Langford

2 thoughts on “Honouring Leonard at Lissadell, Plaque Presentation at a Canadian Maple: 21/09/10

  1. Hello,

    Could the person who wrote this post e-mail me at Rodney @ rodneyedwards . co . uk as soon as possible. I’d like to talk about this tribute to Mr Cohen. Thanks,


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